2 November 2021

Trash Talk: ReGen progresses with some changes

In October, the Cayman Islands Government announced that the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency now has responsibility for the ReGen Cayman’s Energy and Recycling Centre.

In a press release, Premier Wayne Panton said the transition was a logical step to ensuring the continued progress of the project.

“Given the national importance of the ReGen project and its intended benefits of creating a more sustainable waste management system for the Cayman Islands, I believe the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency is well-positioned to take the project forward and ensure the intended sustainability benefits,” he said. “Additionally, Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn has considerable experience with the project.”

The transition will also allow Minister of Health and Wellness Sabrina Turner and her team to continue prioritising the Cayman Islands response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Panton said.

Dart President Development Delivery and Infrastructure Cameron Graham welcomed the opportunity to continue to progress strategic elements of the ReGen project, including the environmental impact assessment and capping the main mound at the George Town Landfill.

“We look forward to working with Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn once again to move the project forward and achieve the environmental, social and economic benefits of ReGen,” Graham said. “ReGen will deliver a number of sustainability benefits for the country, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to improving recycling performance and diverting up to 95% of our waste from being landfilled.”

In another project milestone, the joint public-private partnership team also confirmed the terms of reference document for the project’s environmental impact assessment was finalised in October.

The terms of reference will act as a roadmap for baseline environmental studies on air quality and emissions, hydrology, noise and vibration, marine ecology and terrestrial ecology.

In June, representatives from Dart, the Department of Environmental Health and Department of Environment facilitated three public meetings across Grand Cayman for the community to review and provide feedback on the draft terms of reference document.

Where applicable, the project-specific environmental assessment board incorporated those comments in the finalised document.

Over the next 10 months, the environmental consultants appointed by the project team in consultation with the environmental assessment board will undertake technical studies required by the terms of reference for the environmental impact assessment. Those studies will form the basis of an environmental statement, which sets the precedent for the project’s environmental performance, informing final design and construction, along with permitting and operational requirements of the facilities once commissioned. The environmental statement will also be subject to a public consultation period before it is finalised.

The finalised terms of reference document is available to view on the Department of Environment and ReGen websites.

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