8 October 2021

ReGen Terms of Reference finalised

The Terms of Reference for the ReGen infrastructure has been finalised and is now available on the ReGen and Department of Environment websites. An important milestone in the EIA process, the Terms of Reference will act as a roadmap for baseline environmental studies on air quality and emissions, hydrology, noise and vibration, marine ecology and terrestrial ecology.

Over the course of three public meetings held across Grand Cayman in June 2021, the community provided feedback on the draft document. Where applicable, the project-specific Environmental Assessment Board (EAB) and its consultant Wood, a global leader in environmental consulting engaged by the Cayman Islands Government to advise on the Integrated Solid Waste Management System, incorporated those comments in the finalised document.

The Terms of Reference will guide the environmental studies that form the final outcome of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the project. Over the next 10 months, the environmental consultants appointed by the project team in consultation with the EAB will undertake technical studies and baseline monitoring of noise and vibration, marine and terrestrial ecology, hydrology and hydrogeology and air quality, among others.

The environmental studies conducted as part of the EIA will form the basis of an Environmental Statement. The Environmental Statement is the final outcome of the EIA and sets the precedent for the project’s environmental performance, informing final design and construction, along with permitting and operational requirements of the facilities once commissioned. The environmental statement will also be subject to a public consultation period before it is finalised.

Follow the links below for the full report and the Department of Environment’s press release:

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