28 May 2021

ReGen environmental impact public consultation begins

Cayman Islands residents will have the opportunity to learn more about the nine new waste management facilities that will form ReGen, Cayman’s Energy & Recycling Centre, at three public meetings scheduled next month as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project.

The EIA process begins on 31 May with the publishing of the draft Terms of Reference which will act as a roadmap for the environmental studies that form the EIA.

The draft Terms of Reference have been developed by Wood, a global leader in environmental consulting engaged by the Cayman Islands Government to advise on the Integrated Solid Waste Management System, with input from the project team. Prior to publishing, the draft Terms of Reference were agreed by the project’s Environmental Assessment Board, which includes representatives from the Department of Environment, Department of Environmental Health, Department of Planning, National Roads Authority, and Water Authority Cayman. 

Because the policy, strategy and outline business case for the Integrated Solid Waste Management System went through a period of public consultation in 2016 before receiving final government approval, the Environmental Impact Assessment will focus on the design and impact of the nine planned ReGen facilities. Located south of the existing landfill in Grand Cayman, the facilities include an energy recovery facility and additional recycling infrastructure.

The environmental studies conducted as part of the EIA will form the basis of an Environmental Statement. The Environmental Statement is the final outcome of the EIA and sets the precedent for the project’s environmental performance, informing final design details for the facilities ahead of permitting and operation of the facilities once commissioned. The environmental statement will also be subject to a public consultation period before it is finalised.

The EIA process will be managed for the Dart-led consortium by international environmental consulting experts GHD, whose selection was approved by the project’s Environmental Assessment Board. The entire EIA process is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

The draft Terms of Reference will be available online at www.doe.ky from 31 May or hard copies are available throughout the 21-day consultation period at the following locations:

While the EIA is focused on the environmental impacts of the new facilities, a separate study was required for the environmental impacts of the existing George Town Landfill and options for remediation. GHD have conducted a detailed environmental risk-based assessment to identify and evaluate the environmental risks associated with contamination of surface water, ground water, gases and fires originating from the landfill. GHD is also producing a remediation options report to guide the remediation process, post-closure management and environmental monitoring to ensure all environmental quality standards are understood and monitored appropriately.

Remediation began in March 2020 and will be completed in phases, with detailed design informed by the remediation options report. Both the risk-based assessment and the remediation options report will be made public on the ReGen website next month, and remediation will be complete by 2023.

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