6 July 2022

Mount Trashmore Getting A Cap

A key aspect of the public-private partnership between the Cayman Islands Government and Dart for an integrated solid waste management system is the remediation of the existing George Town Landfill.

The new area of the capped landfill will significantly reduce risks posed to the environment through surface and groundwater contamination, odorous gases and and methane being vented to the atmosphere.

Capping is a process whereby the landfill is covered with layers of fill, a low-permeability liner and topsoil to support planting that will reduce the amount of rainfall infiltration into the waste, decreasing the potential for air quality, surface water and ground water pollution on and around the site
The process is used extensively around the world and the ReGen team worked to international standards to cap the waste mound.

Capping of the George Town Landfill began in March 2020 with an initial layer of fill and has been progressing ever since. In November of last year, once this initial layer of fill was complete, construction of the final engineered cap including the synthetic liner commenced and the Phase 1 area is nearly complete.
This next step is to cover the cap with a layer of topsoil to support the growth of grasses and shrubs that will provide an attractive, green surface that is resistant to erosion.

There are several key benefits to capping the landfill:

Pest prevention

Capping the waste mound prevents pests and potential vectors for disease such as rats and flies from accessing the decomposing waste.

Reduced fire risk

Capping significantly reduces the risk of fires. By covering exposed garbage and preventing oxygen infiltration, the cap will effectively seal off the surface of the waste mound.

Odour mitigation

Capping eliminates odours from the landfill operations associated with exposed, decaying garbage.

Reduced carbon emissions

Globally, landfills are a top source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Capping includes landfill gas management, which will lessen methane emissions. When ReGen comes online, the George Town Landfill site will be closed. As organic waste continues to break down inside the mound, a network of wells and pipes will draw off landfill gas. Once ReGen’s energy recovery facility is operational, this gas can be used as a fuel to generate electricity.

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