24 August 2021

Cleaning up after a storm

Since the Cayman Islands’ close brush with Tropical Storm Grace last week, clean-up crews have been working hard across the Cayman Islands to clear storm debris. Extreme weather events can create a lot of debris that needs to be quickly and safely cleared away. Cleaning up your own home or business can be a big job after a storm – here are some tips to make sure you protect yourself and our environment while doing so.

1. Check official sources for updates

Make sure to check the Cayman Islands Government and Department of Environmental Health websites and social media pages for changes to garbage collection schedules and district debris collection sites.

2. Wear proper safety gear

Be sure to protect yourself against any dangerous materials by wearing all necessary protective equipment, including gloves, boots and a mask.

3. Pace yourself and get help if needed

Prioritise urgent tasks first and rest when needed. Get help lifting heavy or bulky objects to avoid injury.

4. Separate hazardous waste

Because of their potential to harm human and environmental health, any potentially hazardous waste items, such as batteries, liquid chemicals or contaminated fuel, should be separated from regular household garbage. 

5. Keep yard waste separate

DEH is coordinating a mulching programme to sustainably repurpose yard waste. You can support this effort by keeping yard waste separate from regular household garbage. You can find the list of temporary debris collection sites here.

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